Mavchi About Language

Mavchi language in nandurbar district of maharastra and south gujrat and north of the border is the spoken language, is spoken mostly in navapur taluka. more and more people who speak the language and who also are cultivated, these logos is the staple food rice, pulses, vegetables, bread and food. and  many christians who speak the language, and many tribal traditions those who bilive , but all these people have a good unity , love for one another and help people who have a sense. of each other's language, the logo and the wedding is in accordance with tribal traditions, singing and dancing atthe wedding, and the bride is the wearing a necklace around the neck, Bride and groom are pehenaia nervous wreath thus in marriage and more people who speak this language live in houses of clay, and some brick, ciment, sand is made from aunt locked homes.

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